I’m a hunter, a descriptor that I feel is quite fitting, from the work I do to the place in the world that I fit in.

Professionally speaking, I’m in sales, the title most commonly associated with my role is Account Executive. Executive in the sense of the Executive Branch of government, the doers. It is often described as a ‘hunter’ role, the constant goal of an Account Executive being to acquire new business, in business if you’re not growing you’re dying and growth is my job description.

As a professional specialty I’ve been in technology for over a decade now. Starting at pulling cables rather than a formal education, I learned about building small servers, remotely accessing and controlling them, then branched out to satellite broadcast before refocusing on enterprise infrastructure and finally deciding to adapt my technical acumen into the my sales roles, to a fair degree of success.

Biologically, I’m unchanged from my own hunter-gatherer ancestors, I’m a hunter. Forward facing eyes for gauging distance to prey, weak limbs but large brain for solving the problems of catching game that is larger, faster and tougher than me. Strong social bonds to thrive through adversity and overcome immense obstacles.

I work to harness the biological drive to survive and prosper for an improvement in life all around, better relationships, new concepts for business and personal life.

I write about business concepts, technology roadmaps, sales techniques and buying recommendations.

I love critiques, iron sharpens iron and hunters always need to improve.