Paradigm shift – feel the sarcasm

Intel’s scalable CPUs with their metallic nomenclature and verbose descriptions seem for many to be a step in the wrong direction; Intel seems to many to be ‘all face and no trousers’ as the Brits would say. While they’ve certainly riled people up with the silly naming scheme it has gotten people talking about it, likely the whole point of their release now that AMD is trying to come back to the server CPU game. We could talk about the CPU business in depth and there could be some sense to that discussion, Intel’s changes are a good lens through which to view the entire IT landscape, it’s all about the fit.

Back to marketing hype, there sure is plenty to sift through, but what stands out is the few things that seem to be on everyone’s minds and/or checkbooks:

1) Cloud
2) Hyperconverged
3) Flash storage

There are a million experts in every camp telling you that you need an ‘x’ strategy for ‘y’ product/market/industry because of the TCO, ROI, CoGS, and ‘the whole world is doing ‘z’ about it’. This is particularly true with the few points above as well as a number of others in the IT world and it’s all bullshit.

The general line goes that we all worked on giant computers with dumb terminals, which gave way to PCs resulting in a rise of the server/client model and now we’re evolving so that everyone will be in the cloud, or hyperconverged, or riding unicorns instead of driving cars, again, it’s all bullshit.

What we’re truly experiencing in the technology of IT is a time where the dominant structure of the future is becoming user-defined, a term I just coined (maybe) to use instead of ‘software-defined’ because that is already a loaded marketing sack of crap. What I mean is all of the current iterations of technology will move forward, evolving to be more user-friendly, meaning programmable, orchestrated centrally en masse, delivering better management and application performance simultaneously.

That means each business use-case will be covered, serverless applications in the cloud for immense.immediate scalability, hyperconverged systems at the remote edge for business continuity, multi-layered security with firewalls, DNS redirect, and SaaS anti-virus, good old on-prem and co-located servers and networks for longevity and TCO. All of these options are currently working together in many enterprises, often called Hybrid-IT by marketing mouth breathers, but it’s the new reality, not some monolithic all-one or none option like IBM in the stone-age of IT.

The time of being fenced-in by vendor offerings is over, look at all the options, find out where the largest ROI benefit comes from and be ready to be flexible with new technologies because the tech world isn’t consolidating, it’s expansion is accelerating, how many tiny pieces of software in the form of scripts and automations have you created? You’re a part of this acceleration too.

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